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Oscar Pistorius

We’re all surprised to see Oscar walk
from jail out on bail
The prosecution got it wrong when
they thought they could not fail
They said he planned it all along
and that he meant to kill her
And if he’s let out for now
he’d make for his Italian villa
But the judge rule he should be free
he said it’s only right
He must stay in South African
not put on his legs and take flight
He says he loved her very much
and will miss her with all his heart
But now we know why when he raced
he was always twitchy at the start
He said he thought he was at risk
and that he would be attacked
But now is seem he’s less well off
as from endorsements he’s be sacked
The trial will tell if he’s guilty or not
but that’s a long way off it would seem
And if he inocent and does get off
he could be on the Rio shooting team


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